CFO Leadership Masterclass

This three-day program has been designed for CFOs and Finance Directors to explore their ever-widening role and to examine some of the areas that are not part of the routine training for senior finance professionals, who frequently progress through a technical accounting or other financial discipline route.
Today’s CFOs are expected to play diverse and challenging roles with the ability to influence and persuade when required. Success as a CFO is rarely determined by technical ability alone. Mastery of the technical aspects of finance is a given: what makes the difference is the ability to lead and operate in areas where there is no right answer.
Beyond the traditional role of being a steward and running a tight finance operation that is efficient, CFOs now need to help shape overall strategy and direction, instilling a partnering approach and mind set to help other parts of the business perform better. This requires softer skills of dealing with conflicts between stakeholders in a pragmatic manner and energising talent within finance to deliver high performance.
For the newly appointed or aspiring CFO, this course will empower them to succeed by helping to map out their future with confidence, exposing them to a wide range of skills and proven tactics. For the established CFO, it will offer a refresher in current best practices, opportunity to network and interact with peers, and provide valuable insights into range of initiatives being deployed to enhance the value they bring to their organisation.

  • This program is about becoming and embodying the modern role of the financial executive
  • In this program, we will show you how to become a trusted advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors and move beyond reporting the financials
  • You will be taught to recognize and develop the traits that make great financial executives stand out
  • You will learn how to think strategically and act as a leader and catalyst in your organization to address any challenges confronting you
  • This program will teach you how to evaluate your team and make your team stronger
  • You will walk away from the program with a strategic plan to mature your function and deepen your own and your team’s relationship with the rest of the organization
  • CFOs
  • Finance Directors
  • Financial Controllers
  • Director Finance
  • Finance Department Head
  • Treasurers
  • Financial Professionals aspiring for Executive Positions

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