Corporate Governance Masterclass 2019

The purpose of governance is to provide an organisation with direction and control so that it can achieve its strategic objectives. Governance has many component parts – ‘building blocks’ – which all have to be in place, and functioning properly, for the process to work.
The Masterclass explores the importance of corporate governance as a business-critical function for business growth and development; how effective boards, and effective directors, lie at the heart of the governance eco-system, and the role and responsibilities of directors for introducing and implementing best-practice corporate governance systems.

• With case studies, group discussions, practical handouts and expert tuition, attendees will truly learn how to strengthen the building blocks of an effective board.
• Learn what an effective director does and understand the board’s role in delivering business benefit.
• Understand various strategies for improving board effectiveness.
• Gain more insights into ethical leadership.
• Learn about Risk culture, Risk universe, Risk tolerance and Risk appetite, Risk management tools, Risk matrix, Risk register and Risk responses.
• Understanding the reasons for strategic failure.
• Learn directors’ authority and ‘how to stay out of prison’.
• Delegates will return to their workplace with practical and actionable insights which will help their organisation become more effective, and better performing.
• Learn how to build an effective board of competent directors, directors’ duties and responsibilities.
• Insights on the challenges and opportunities facing directors and boards, and how they should be addressed.
• Understand he distinction between direction and management, and how to create more competent directors and more effective boards.
• How to develop key result areas for your board and individual directors.
• Identify the relevant legislation of the Companies Act and the applicable guidelines of corporate governance codes of conduct best practices.
• Understand the correlation between good corporate governance and shareholder value creation & wealth maximization.

• Chairman
• Director
• Chief Internal Auditor
• Chief Risk Officer
• Head of Compliance
• Head of Finance / CFO
• Head of Fraud & Inspection
• Head of Vigilance
• HR Directors
• Secretary to Boards
• Executive
• Company secretaries
• Audit Committee Chairs & Members
• Regulators
• Corporate governance professionals
• Board of Directors
• Legal Head

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