Internal Audit - Disruption & Innovation 2019

We are now living in the age of disruption. We are surrounded by a constantly shifting risk landscape, driven by rapid technological advancements, increasing legislation and regulation, rising customer expectations, globalisation, economic instability, geopolitics, and environmental pressures.

Internal Audit functions need to keep abreast of these disruptive forces and the potential impact on their organisations. They also need to innovate by seizing the benefits from advances in technology. This will enable them to provide valuable insights to help their organisations adapt, survive, and potentially thrive in this changing environment.

This is a unique opportunity for Heads of Internal Audit and other senior internal audit professionals to discover current and emerging trends in the field of internal auditing, reflect upon their own practices, and develop action plans to drive their functions forward.

This will be a highly interactive course, combining a balanced mix of presentations, discussions and group work. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from each other in addition to the good practice examples shared by the facilitator.

• Understand the key sources of disruption, including key emerging risks, affecting different sectors and regions and how organisations and internal audit functions can respond through innovation.
• Understand the key components of effective governance, risk management and internal control; how they work as a framework, and the impact of the organisation’s ethical framework.
• Learn how an organisation’s governance processes can be developed to establish internal audit functions with the level of independence required to provide objective assurance.
• Appreciate the various approaches to internal audit work and identify differences.
• Learn ways to conduct internal audit risk assessments and appreciate the role of assurance maps in internal audit planning.
• Receive a detailed explanation of a good practice risk-based internal auditing approach.
• Learn how to develop an internal audit ratings framework.
• Identify how you might develop / enhance relationships with your key stakeholders.
• Discover ways to create winning teams of internal auditors.
• Understand the importance of culture and ethics and obtain insights into auditing intangible subject matter.
• Keep yourself up to date with the shifting risk landscape.
• Determine the most useful KPI’s for internal audit services to use.
• Appreciate the trends in internal audit methodologies and consider how internal audit functions will continue to evolve in the future, increasing their value using technology.

• Chief Internal Auditors
• Internal Audit Managers
• Audit Committee Chairs and Members
• Directors (Executive and Non-Executive)
• CEOs/Chairpersons/ Business Owners
• Chief Risk Officers/ Risk Management Heads
• Heads of Compliance
• Heads of other functions that need to liaise with internal audit
• Persons with some responsibility for oversight of internal audit
• Persons wishing to deepen their understanding of internal audit

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