Process Safety Management Masterclass

Safety in Process Design covers a wide range of subjects with very many applications in the Oil and Gas and Chemical industries. This course will provides a clear and precise with  regards to the important elements of process safety as they are encountered in todays industrial practice. Emphasis will be on the engineering design aspect of Process Safety Management.

IMPROVE process safety skills and strategies
INTEGRATE risk & hazard reduction methods
UNDERSTAND the critical elements for safety design
GAIN and SHARE practical risk reduction methods
APPLY techniques with practical exercises and case studies
MANAGE high-risk working environment
OVERCOME common limitations
PROMOTE business continuity improvement

  • Learn the latest about the elements and applications of risk based process safety.
  • The trainer will be able to give you many examples and stories that will make the true learning of the details of risk based process safety come alive in your everyday work.
  • Process safety engineers
  • Operations leaders
  • HSE managers and engineers
  • Maintenance managers and engineers
  • Site managers

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