Verve Management is delighted to announce their latest project captioned as the Egypt Building Materials Summit 2019 (EBMS) scheduled for the 6th & 7th February 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. The aim of the event is to bring together leading investors, developers, architects, cities & regional authorities, service providers, consultants, lawyers, GIS firms and solutions from across the globe to discuss the critical issues and innovations affecting the building materials in Egypt and across the globe.

Says Sabah Parvez, Managing Director of Verve Management UAE, “We are really excited to bring this initiative to Egypt and looking at the support of the Egypt’s market we have received so far, we are sure this summit will bring in all the key stakeholders and players who are highly involved in the New Cairo Project that will help build the New Cairo city. It is overwhelming for me and my team to be able to contribute and be part of this humongous project starting in Egypt. We look forward to garnering more support and establish a unique platform for everyone involved in this industry to benefit, learn, and network at the captioned summit,”

EBMS 2019 will also have a key focus on how the New Cairo Project will impact building materials supplier, respond to rising costs through material innovation, how to cut the barriers to effective material management, evolution of material science, impact of government regulatory policies on building material suppliers, applications of advanced materials in renewable energy technologies, and role of programmable cement in transforming the industry, and how green building materials will sustain the industry and debate on if the lack of research & development resulted in stagnation of innovations in building materials. EBMS is being supported by ASDA Sustainable Development Association, Federation of Egyptian Industries and PCS Academy.

Verve Management is delighted to invite all the organisations involved in the building materials industry to join us for one of the region’s largest gathering! To register at the event, call us at +971 4 243 4688, email us at and visit