DUBAI: Verve Management is thrilled to reveal the launch of Travel Tech Gala Awards 2018, dedicated to support, promote and the develop the Middle East Travel and Tourism Industry by identifying and rewarding excellence & inspiring its practitioners to continually raise the standards of their product and service offering.

The Award’s first initiative to reward the industry’s most vital sectors and product offerings will be held at the 2nd Annual Travel Tech Middle East Congress on 26 – 27 September 2018 in Dubai.

“With the travel industry massively growing every single hour of the day, it is important for us to recognise and appreciate the players of this industry. The industry is booming and it will not stop growing especially in Dubai with the Dubai Expo 2020 just around the corner; the tourism industry will be flooded like never before and keeping that in mind, Verve Management would like to reward the leading Middle East operators of different categories within the business to promote the travel & tourism industry and help the industry move ahead and create better technologies to cater to the needs of the industry, mainly to achieve best results for the people who use these services.” Says one of the team member from Travel Tech Middle East congress.

The Travel Tech Gala Awards 2018 will include six separate awards: Middle East Leading Car Rental Site, Middle East Leading Innovative Airline, Middle East Leading Tech Savvy Hotel, Middle East Leading Travel Booking Website, Middle East Leading Travel Agency and Middle East Leading Travel B2B Player.

Specific details for entering the competition are available on the Travel Tech Middle East website – Applications will be accepted until 30 August 2018