About Us


We are UAE’s business facilitating platform that connects people, partners, and ideas. Verve Management organizes remarkable events and provides solutions through Congresses & Summits, Trainings & Workshops, Exhibitions, Association Management, Industry Meetings, and Managed Events in Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Verve Management strives to do exactly what your business needs. We strongly believe that our purpose is to provide solutions that progress your company’s production and performance. We develop exceptional events that drive corporate innovation by developing senior-level executives and partners to share expertise, insights, business knowledge and showcasing projects.

Be Future Ready with Verve Management.


An exceptional event is developed based on extensive market research, guided and developed by industry partners, informed by local market expertise and supported by top associations & government bodies from the region. Let Verve Management work for you. We, together with you will develop the best research plan that is needed to clear any doubts.

From world class exhibitions, to agenda setting, conferences and continuing education to global communities, there is a Verve event to help you meet your objectives.