Competency development as an accelerator for localization

Competency development as an accelerator for localization

Competency development - Strategic partner


As organizations embark on digital transformations and strive to meet the demands of an ever-evolving landscape, the need to upskill their technical workforce becomes increasingly important. The drive for localization adds to the complexity, making it imperative for companies to adopt a holistic and structured approach towards competency development. Automation technology companies like Emerson, with a wide range of products and services and a strong local presence, can play a vital role in this endeavor.

Emerson's proven track record of improving performance in various manufacturing and oil and gas industries, through their comprehensive assessments of required skills and customized training programs, makes them a valuable partner in addressing the unique challenges and trends of upskilling. Their flexible delivery methods, including both in-person and virtual options, allow them to cater to the diverse needs of different regions across the world..

The topic of upskilling the technical workforce, and the role that automation technology companies can play in it, is a critical discussion point for the boardroom. This article aims to provide insights into the current trends in skill development, the challenges organizations face in achieving localization goals, and the successful approaches taken by companies like Emerson in competency development programs across different parts of the world. It serves as a valuable resource for executives as they navigate the complexities of upskilling and digital transformation in their respective industries.

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12:00 pm – 12:05  pm 

Welcome Note By Verve Management

12:05pm – 12:10 pm

Introduction By Emerson

12:10pm – 12:30pm   

Keynote Presentation 


Agility in Education Services and Competency development

12:30pm – 12:50 pm

Panel Discussion


Effective and Agile competency development for accelerated Localization in organizations

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Interactive Q & A And Wrap Up

Boardroom leaders

Imran Babar

Director Lifecycle Services at Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson Automation Solutions


Raheel Khan

Head Maintenance



Aarti Dange

Customer Experience Leader

Emerson Automation Solutions


Wael Zaitouni

Central Control Systems Lead

S-Chem Petrochemicals Company


Younis Alhawsawi

Superintendent Process Control

S-Chem Petrochemicals Company


Kafeel Khawaja

Lead Instrument and Protective Systems Engineer



Maha Jamal Al-Houti

Engineer Instrument Maintenance

Kuwait Oil Company


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