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Boardroom Overview

Over the years, there has been a growing interest in renewable energy sources, with significant advancements in technology. The goal of achieving carbon-neutral energy through clean sources is a major challenge as it requires making these sources profitable. However, it is widely accepted that a sustainable energy transition involves more than simply adding renewables to the existing energy infrastructure. Instead, it necessitates technological advancements to overcome operational headwinds, cost-effectiveness, and economic potential to make these projects a promising avenue for diversifying energy portfolios.

The discussion will center on four crucial challenges in achieving this transition: certainty of availability, complexity of infrastructure and operations, existing costs, and data accessibility challenges from a cybersecurity perspective. The focus will be on understanding the varying degrees of these challenges for different clean energy sources and identifying the best practices and current technologies that can expedite profitability and adoption in the near future.

To achieve the goal of sustainable energy, it is important to address the challenges associated with each renewable energy source, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. Each source has unique challenges that must be understood and overcome to ensure their successful integration into existing energy systems. Furthermore, cybersecurity threats must also be considered to ensure data accessibility and system security.

Overall, the discussion will emphasize the importance of technological advancements and best practices in overcoming the challenges of renewable energy adoption. By addressing these challenges, we can achieve a sustainable energy transition that benefits both the environment and the economy.

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Share and learn about the existing operational challenges in the clean industry
Learn from the peers about the best practices
A view on the technologies available today
An overall outlook of clean energy future.


Energy and Utilities
EPC & Construction


Heads and Managers from Power Generation

Heads and Managers from Transmission, Distribution, Renewable Projects

Heads and Managers from Engineering, Automation and Digitalization, Technology and innovation

AGENDA 3rd May 2023




James Fraser - Keynote Speaker
Vice President, Renewables
Emerson Automation Solutions
David Walker
Business Development for DeltaV. GICSP, ISA/IEC Cybersecurity Professional.
Emerson Automation Solutions
Aarti Dange
Customer Experience Leader
Emerson Automation Solutions
Mirela Patrascu
Sales Director PWS and Renewables MEA
Emerson Automation Solutions
Ahmed AlFazari
Head Of OHL Maintenance
Al Ain Distribution Company
Mohamed Elshair
Head of Power Protection- ADF
Transco- Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company
Ayham Mkalalati
Director of Operations
EDF Renewables Middle East




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