Event Overview

We are all familiar with fabrics – a cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibers. Why not apply that to data as well? Like the individual textile fibers, which come from different materials, colors, and texture, data comes in different formats and levels of quality, and from disparate locations such as on-premise, external or cloud. This variety creates problems for the data consumers, forcing them to spend an inordinate amount of time collating and formatting the data. As a result, these business users have less time to infer intelligence from the data and use it to enable faster data insights for strategic business purposes.

As leading industry analysts Gartner suggest, considering the increasing volume of data to be managed nowadays inside the organizations, it is time to stop “collecting” the data into a central repository and start “connecting” to the data at the sources. The rise of new data architectures paradigms, as the Logical Data Fabric, facilitates this approach by gaining a virtual view of the data.

With so much valuable data potentially available, it can be frustrating for organizations to discover that they can’t easily work with it because it’s stuck in disconnected silos. Limited data access is a problem when organizations need timely, complete views of all relevant data about customers, supply chains, business performance, public health, and more, to make informed decisions. We need only look at the current COVID-19 pandemic to understand the importance of being able to view and share data across silos.

Companies have fought this data separation by physically consolidating the information together into a central repository, but such efforts have largely failed since new data keeps sprouting in other places as in multiple cloud-based storage platforms. Data silos are inevitable I’s all about how you manage them that is important. Logical data fabrics, one of the hottest topics in data architecture right now, aim to leave the data in place but gain a unified view for the entire enterprise through a virtual approach.

We are excited to have Denodo, recognized by the industry leading analyst firms Gartner and Forrester as leaders in Data Integration and Enterprise Data Fabric. Denodo are here, to discuss the future trends in the Logical Data Architectures and how Data Virtualization is the core technology to enable a Logical Data Fabric architecture for enterprise companies and public entities.

The panelists will be discussing ideas and approaches they have used to turn the data into a valuable asset for their companies using modern architecture approaches and overcome the limitation across data silos.


Getting you closer access to inspirational leaders, highlighting the most innovative and impactful trends in Logical Data Architectures. Join us for this executive roundtable to learn:

  • What are the main challenges and opportunities in the new logical data architecture approaches
  • Why organizations across the world should adopt the new logical data architecture
  • How Logical Data Fabric liberates the data to be innovated at the sources while bringing it together in a virtual fashion for the benefits of data discovery, management, and governance.
  • How data virtualization, as core technology, enable the organization to build logical data fabric models reducing the time for the deployment.
  • How to implement a Logical Data Fabric inside your organization.


Chief Information Officer

Chief Data Officer

Senior Enterprise Architects

Senior Analytics

Business Intelligence managers

Senior Data Management

Data Integration professionals


Banking & Finance
Government & Ministries
Utilities and Oil & Gas
Retail and Consumer Goods
AGENDA – 9th March 2022 ( 11:00am – 12:15pm )


11:00am – 11:01am
Rohan Sharma, Chief Growth Officer, Verve Management, UAE

11:01am – 11:06am
Dr. Alexey Sidorov, Chief Evangelist, Denodo

11:06 am- 11:26 am
Presentation | How to build successful strategy for a logical data architecture for enterprise companies
Dr. Alexey Sidorov, Chief Evangelist, Denodo

11:26 am – 12:11 pm
Panel Discussion | How to build a successful logical data architecture strategy for enterprise companies
  • – Why a logical data fabric helps businesses be more agile?
  • How logical data architectures unify data improving the accuracy of decision making?
  • Who in the organization is responsible for owning the data integration strategy?

12:11 am – 12:15 pm
Q & A | Closing Remarks


Dr Alexey was born with the “Passion for Data” programmed in his DNA.

Alexey started his carrier 27-years ago building volumetric model of radioactive pollution of Chernobyl nuclear disaster Zone with Russian Academy of Science and since then earned his reputation as the strategic adviser in all aspects of Data Management.

Prior joining Denodo as Chief Evangelist, Alexey built and managed enterprise-wide Data Integration platforms for industry giants like Nokia and Deutsche Bank. In the last 15 years Dr Alexey has been helping many companies across 3 continents to Digitally Transform their business with the edge-cutting Data technologies from Teradata and Informatica.

A manager and business expert with over 17 years of ICT market experience, Nabeel Muhammad Amin is the Regional Sales Director for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Pakistan at Denodo.

Nabeel’s focus is on helping customers on their Digital Transformation journey, delivering the expected value.

Before joining Denodo, Nabeel previously worked for Royal Cyber INC, Avanza Solutions and NETS-International working in multiple leadership roles.

As a highly driven Digital Transformation Head with extensive leadership experience, he is driving the digital transformation of  BRJMF Co in the areas of digital financing , banking, payments, remittances, point of sale, e-commerce, loyalty and contact centre amongst several others and  maximizing the intersection of digital transformations, Data Driven , technical road mapping, and strategic business planning.

A strong background in IT implementation, Project management , and system & Business analysis have given him a comprehensive understanding of digital products and solutions from the inside out. Therefore, he demonstrate a keen ability to assess organizational needs to effectively choose and enable optimized technical solutions.

A seasoned IT professional with an excellent track record of success in IT enabling business, innovation, business transformation, strategy and planning practice and people management. Sona, have experience across industries of manufacturing, banking, automotive, retail & IT services across countries. Sona have an extensive understanding of business governance practices, security, compliance and infrastructure platforms acquired from serving both as a business IT leader and IT services supplier in a diversity of industries. She is a passionate perpetual learner, keeping track of IT in global business & emerging trends. Sona have developed an established background in IT project & services management & have proven her ability to present ,collaborate & synergize executive business leaders to drive transformation from a business perspective.

Name: Dr. Alexey Sidorov
Profile: Chief Evangelist Middle East & Europe
Company: Denodo

Name: Nabeel Amin
Profile: Regional Sales Director – KSA, Kuwait, Pakistan
Company: Denodo 

Name: Abdelrhman Mustafa
Profile: Head Of Digital Transformation
Company: Bab Rizq Jameel Micro Finance

Name: Sona Saha Das
Profile: Head – Data and Integration
Company: M. H. Alshaya Co