Modern Customer Experience

Event Overview

Pandemic-led lockdowns and safety concerns have transformed all consumers into digital consumers. Consumer journeys have become much more complex and now span multiple online and offline channels. As brands have followed consumers online, the digital marketplace has become crowded and it’s become much harder to be seen. Merely offering good products or services, or a functional online experience is no longer adequate to attract, engage, and retain consumers.

The new battleground is the mind of the consumer and providing an elevated personalized experience driven by quality, accuracy, consistency, usability, speed, and intelligence is the only sure way to build enduring customer relationships. The customer landscape has evolved dramatically as people have embraced hyper connectivity through communication systems, sensors, wearables, and smart devices.

Join us for an interactive virtual experience where you will learn all about the new world of delivering a digital Customer Experience from SAP’s single powerful platform. Hear from industry luminaries, business leaders, functional experts, and technology gurus on the conditions prevailing in the wider marketplace and the influences shaping customer decisions. Learn from them how Customer Experience platform fits into the complex enterprise tech landscape and how to create a unified, integrated, and coherent technology ecosystem that drives data-driven decision-making. We believe you will be able to look back at this event as a turning point in your strategies to attract, engage, and retain customers.


Name: John McDonald
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Organization: Sapours Technologies Pvt Ltd

Name: Kartik Bhatt
Designation: Digital Transformation Head
Organization: Sharaf Group Retail Division – UAE

Name: Kashif Siddiqui
Designation: Customer Experience Solutions Expert
Company Name: SAP

Name: Sanjeev Madavi
Designation: Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Company Name: Khimji Ramdas Group

Name: Tamer Hamed
Designation: Chief Information Officer
Organization: Dubai Cable Company (Ducab)

Name: Vipin Killedar
Designation: Co-Founder & Director
Company: Sapours Technologies Pvt Ltd